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GZ Beauty - The well known Chinese Media Company that provides us with VCD's and DVD's. - An excellent website, based in Taiwan, selling for internal martials arts weapon-practise.
Energy Arts - An excellent American publishing School of IMA by B.K. Frantzis.
Smiling Tiger Martial Arts - Another excellent american School of IMA and The International Institute of Medical Qigong by Joseph Crandall and Dr.Jerry Alan Johnson.
Plum Flower Press - a remarkable publishing company for its materials in IMA.
Shen Wu Martial Arts- a quality webite including IMA theory and action.
Wikipedia IMA Update-Important update on IMA by Wikipedia Free Encyclopedia Service.
Green Way Research-a very remarkable website related to study,research and practice of Neijia Gong Fu and beyond presented by Michael P.Garofalo.
Li Family Daoqiquan-Internal Power Training.
Chiflow-Chiflow is a website primarily dedicated to the study of Nei Jia (internal) Kung Fu.
The Pa kua Chang of Lu Shui-Tian-The Chinese Internal Method For Superior Health and Devastating Self-Defence.
Sun Tzu's Art of War Applied to Modern Strategy and Leadership-The Largest Website for Sun Tzu's Art Of War Intelligent Approach And competition.
Black Mountain Spirit-Approaching excercise from a different angle.
The Atlanta Martial Arts Directory-The goal of this site is to help you find a martial arts school.
China From Inside-Bagua.

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